Why Mystics Should Use Media for Good

Media for Good

Fellow mystics, this is Brother Thomas, your friend and guide from the Seventh Ray.  I bid you welcome and want you to know that we who watch over humankind are excited to see the evolution of Souls that are advancing along the God-Continuum. These are turbulent times for Earth. Though it has always been so, the balance is shifting for the better between the forces of light and darkness. As social communication becomes more prominent around the globe, and our message of hope and change appear, more of humankind choose light rather than darkness. One of the things we want you to know is that it is the very nature of your media to make things appear worse than it is! People feel more afraid and freighted today than ever before. The truth is different. There is more good, light, transformation, and ascension than ever before. Just so you know, even as the media spreads our words of love and kindness, it also causes people to believe that the times they live in are more desperate than they really are!  Wise mystics must learn how to eat a fish while spitting out the bones. So it is with your media. It is essential to learn how to use media for good.

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The Law of Spiritual Compensation: What Are You Willing to Give Up?

Spiritual Compensation

My dear friends of the light, this is Brother Thomas–your friend and guide from the Seventh Ray.  Today I want to bring a question before you that determines your willingness to grow spiritually and ascend to even greater heights on the God-Continuum.  The question we pose is this, What are you willing to give up? We mention this to you because spiritual growth and power is the natural outcome for those who correctly understand the Law of Spiritual Compensation.

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