The Peaceful Warrior

My beautiful friends of the mystical realms, this is Brother Thomas–your guide from the Seventh Ray. My heavenly home is host to the violet flame which increases the spiritual vibrations of all who call upon it. To call upon the light of God is to invite spiritual wisdom into your life. To call upon the violet flame is to bring the understanding of the Divine that slows, and then stops, the grinding wheels of karma that have been keeping you enslaved for countless lifetimes. The violet flame is one of the many tools of the peaceful warrior.

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The God-Continuum

Yin Yang

Duality Versus the God-Continuum

My dear friends of the path, this is Brother Thomas, your guide from the Seventh Ray. We remember our days of life on earth and many other planets just like it. The human experience is divided into night and day, light and dark, good and bad, desirable and undesirable, as well as life and death. To live in a body of matter, as you do, is to experience duality. We have something to tell you about all of this.

Just because your body perceives the existence of duality does not make it so!

To say it another way, no matter how real the dualities appear–they are not reality. They are only illusory and do not exist. There is only the God-Continuum and comparisons within it.

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