22 Spiritual Laws that Could Change Your Life

Spiritual Laws

My dear friends, there are ways of living that encourage spiritual ascension. These laws are not always intuitive to those who fixate upon the physical five senses. Spiritual laws are broad statements about life, living, and how humans and the Divine  best work together. These laws are not absolutes; instead, they provide direction for those who desire to grow spiritually while making sense of their present circumstances. An understanding of spiritual laws helps the mystic apply Divine insight into the daily lessons we face to help us advance spiritually. What follows below are twenty-two spiritual laws that deepen your awakening and hone your spiritual awareness.

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The Mystical Practice of Attunement


My beautiful brothers and sisters, this is Brother Thomas, your elder brother from the Seventh Ray. We want you to know that attunement is the process that moves you from being an ordinary person, whose spiritual awareness is asleep, to the mystical state of alertness. Attunement is a co-created gift of grace that comes as one asks the God-Continuum for increased spiritual wisdom. Attunement is the synchronization of your thoughts with our thoughts. The wisdom saying is true, “Ask, and it shall be given unto you.” But there is more to attunement than asking. There must be a willingness to work and follow-through with the instructions that are given.

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Mastering Your Life Lessons

life mastery

My dearest friends, we continue our discussions designed to lead you from sleep to awareness and from awareness to alertness. This alertness brings you the mastery of life. The mystical life is like receiving a backstage pass to one of the greatest shows in the universe. Instead of taking the standard tour, you go behind the scenes. You have the best seats in the house along with an invitation to stand backstage during certain portions of the live performance. Because you get to meet those who direct the show, you see the well-scripted program with a different set of eyes than the average person. You now understand that everything is happening as it should and is running according to schedule. The show we speak of is “Boot Camp Earth,” your planetary home that is now hosting your learning and development. It is preparing you in the proper use of your God-Powers. Let’s reflect on some of the backstage lessons of life mastery that you should know by now.

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Your True Form is Fire

The Fire

My dear friends, we continue bringing you the hidden knowledge that you long for and seek. The saying is true. “Those who seek shall find.” “Knock, and the door shall be opened.” Would you like to know your true appearance? We do not mean that bipedal human being you see in the mirror. You have been living in human form for so many lifetimes that you have come to believe that this is your natural state erroneously. Even when you translate from this dimension to the next, many of you continue to hold on to your human forms because that has become a new normal for you. To grow spiritually is to be reminded of the truer things. We want you to behold yourself as we do.

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The Initiation of Awakening

My dear mystical readers, this is Brother Thomas. I am your guide and devotee of the Violet Ray–the beautiful energy that is distributed throughout all dimensions of time and space by the Spiritus Lumine to serve as a heavenly beacon for those seeking the Light of Source-Consciousness. We proclaim that now is the time to let this violet light be the instrument of your awakening! Yes, this Violet Ray (and the Violet Flame we ask you to imagine in your meditations) not only purifies, it causes the Soul to awaken to ITs self!

The Initiation of Awakening

Awakening is a special moment of Soul Initiation when the Soul-Being realizes the actual significance of what it means to be a Spark of the Divine!

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