The Mystical Power of Mudras


What are mudras?

Mudras are an ancient sys­tem of manip­u­lat­ing the ener­gy cur­rents of the body through the posi­tion­ing of the hands and fin­gers. For instance, one might place the thumb and index fin­gers of both hands togeth­er in med­i­ta­tion as a way of improv­ing con­cen­tra­tion and mem­o­ry skills. The word mudra means “seal,” “ges­ture,” or “mark.” There are thou­sands upon thou­sands of dif­fer­ent ways to manip­u­late the hands, fin­gers, and thumb. For the math­e­mat­i­cal nerds among us, if we were to take into con­sid­er­a­tion the var­i­ous com­bi­na­tions of mudras pos­si­ble with the ten hand dig­its, the num­ber is ten fac­to­r­i­al (10 x 9 x 8 x 7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2x 1) or 3,628,800 poten­tial ges­tures. No doubt, some eso­teric yogis under­stand at least sev­er­al mil­lion of them! As a mys­ti­cal prac­tice, there is end­less poten­tial for increas­ing one’s spir­i­tu­al pow­ers.

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Vesica Piscis

My dear friends, this is Broth­er Thomas, your friend who watch­es over you from the Sev­enth Ray. I bring you greet­ings and wish to share with you a secret that has been hid­den in plain view since ancient times. I am speak­ing of the vesi­ca pis­cis. You see ver­sions of this sym­bol in your world every­where. For instance, the logo of an Audi auto­mo­bile fea­tures four inter­lock­ing rings. Some­times jew­el­ry and Celtic art­work will fea­ture repeat­ing vesi­ca pis­cis pat­terns such as those found in triske­lion knots. Yes, inter­lock­ing rings are spir­i­tu­al­ly sig­nif­i­cant, but even more impor­tant is the spaces between these rings.

Often times, saints are pic­tured as being in the space between the two rings. We encour­age you to imag­ine your­self in this space. You, as mys­tic, walk between the worlds of heav­en and earth. You are the saint that ties them both togeth­er.

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How to Effectively Handle Drama

How to Handle Drama

Every­one faces con­flict and needs to learn how to han­dle dra­ma. Our spir­i­tu­al growth as Mys­tics requires this.

No mat­ter how kind and gen­er­ous we try to be, we must face the fact that life brings us peo­ple, places, and things that per­plex us with pain, frus­tra­tion, and aggra­va­tion. None escape these chal­lenges. Today, we offer some tech­niques to help you han­dle the dra­ma in your life.

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The Wisdom of Perfectly Imperfect Experiences

Perfectly Imperfect

Lovers of the Light, this is Broth­er Thomas – your friend and guide from the vio­let ray. Today I want to speak with you about expe­ri­ences which are per­fect­ly imper­fect.

No one loves or desires peace more than we mys­tics. It is our nature to shun dra­ma, live peace­ful­ly, and encour­age oth­ers to do the same. We under­stand the great uni­ty of all things and feel most authen­tic as we live har­mo­nious lives. Our nature is to elim­i­nate point­less argu­ments and dra­ma from our lives. Mys­tics are about the busi­ness of love and accep­tance.  Yes, all of this is true, but it is also true that this is not the rea­son you came to this three-dimen­sion­al expe­ri­ence. I remind you that you are here because you want­ed to make a dif­fer­ence for good despite the anger and injus­tices of this world.

You chose to walk through a refin­ing fire so that, like pre­cious gold, your soul might become beau­ti­ful and bright. You have cho­sen the path of per­fect­ly imper­fect expe­ri­ences to do so.

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Achieving the Steady State

The Steady State
My dear broth­ers and sis­ters of the mys­ti­cal path, this is Broth­er Thomas – your friend, guide, and lover of the Spir­i­tus Lumine. I am writ­ing to you today about The Steady State. This is the beau­ti­ful con­di­tion of life and liv­ing that comes the instant one max­i­mizes the bless­ings of the light – no mat­ter the con­di­tions about them. It is the peace and joy avail­able to all who learn how to expe­ri­ence the uni­ty of all things dai­ly.

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The Power of Sacred Threes


Sacred Threes

Mys­tics have long been fas­ci­nat­ed by the pow­er of sacred threes. The num­ber rep­re­sents com­plete­ness and serves as a use­ful ref­er­ence for the nat­ur­al cycles and rhythms of life – such as birth, death, and renew­al. Mys­tics also rec­og­nize the pow­er of sacred threes in geom­e­try. For instance, three lines form a tri­an­gle – the first closed object. The sacred threes are filled with pow­er.

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Pay Attention to Angel Feathers!

angel feathers

What are Angel Feathers?

Angel Feath­ers are signs from the beings in your God-Con­tin­u­um that you have the care and atten­tion of your angels. What are angel feath­ers? It’s any “ran­dom” feath­er that gets your atten­tion. Some­times they seem to float right in front of you. Oth­er times, you look down – and there they are!

The God con­tin­u­um always wish­es to deep­en its com­mu­ni­ca­tion with us. There are many paths avail­able, and the angels are very skilled. Most of the time angels do their jobs so well that we hard­ly notice.  As mys­tics, we want to change that. We very much desire to see our guides at work! The fun begins as we become will­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tion part­ners!

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The Ouroboros Contemplation

The Ouroboros The Ouroboros, the snake which eats its tail, is one the most ancient of mys­ti­cal sym­bols. There is evi­dence of its exis­tence for 1600 years before the time of Christ – espe­cial­ly in Egypt­ian cul­ture. The name “Ouroboros” comes from the Greek and means “tail eater.” Since we don’t live in these ear­ly cul­tures, the …

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Escape the Matrix: Mystics and the 3rd-Eye

the matrix

The Matrix movie series is cer­tain­ly one of the more pop­u­lar sets of films in Amer­i­can cin­e­mat­ic his­to­ry. Many do not real­ize the enor­mi­ty of the gift giv­en to us from Source-Con­scious­ness to assist in our awak­en­ing. For many, it rep­re­sents the first time of seri­ous­ly con­sid­er­ing the notion of an illu­so­ry holo­graph­ic uni­verse con­trolled by forces out­side of our­selves. These movies helped to fos­ter a split in the cul­tur­al psy­che as peo­ple began to real­ize how every aspect of our dai­ly liv­ing is rarely as it appears to be. For many of us, it was the first time to per­ceive a deep­er sub­tler real­i­ty exist­ing along­side the one we think is ours. The aware­ness and under­stand­ing of these mul­ti­ple real­i­ties are what it means for the third-eye to open.

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Religion and Mysticism are not the Same

Religion and Mysticism

Reli­gion and mys­ti­cism – many peo­ple believe they are the same.  It is under­stand­able that this is so because his­to­ry records many famous mys­tics among the ranks of the reli­gious. Mys­tics may add to the con­fu­sion when they refer to “their prac­tice,” as a form of reli­gion. How­ev­er that may be, we hold that reli­gion and mys­ti­cism are not the same. Here is an easy break­down.

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