The Mystical Power of Mudras


What are mudras?

Mudras are an ancient system of manipulating the energy currents of the body through the positioning of the hands and fingers. For instance, one might place the thumb and index fingers of both hands together in meditation as a way of improving concentration and memory skills. The word mudra means “seal,” “gesture,” or “mark.” There are thousands upon thousands of different ways to manipulate the hands, fingers, and thumb. For the mathematical nerds among us, if we were to take into consideration the various combinations of mudras possible with the ten hand digits, the number is ten factorial (10 x 9 x 8 x 7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2x 1) or 3,628,800 potential gestures. No doubt, some esoteric yogis understand at least several million of them! As a mystical practice, there is endless potential for increasing one’s spiritual powers.

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Vesica Piscis

My dear friends, this is Brother Thomas, your friend who watches over you from the Seventh Ray. I bring you greetings and wish to share with you a secret that has been hidden in plain view since ancient times. I am speaking of the vesica piscis. You see versions of this symbol in your world everywhere. For instance, the logo of an Audi automobile features four interlocking rings. Sometimes jewelry and Celtic artwork will feature repeating vesica piscis patterns such as those found in triskelion knots. Yes, interlocking rings are spiritually significant, but even more important is the spaces between these rings.

Often times, saints are pictured as being in the space between the two rings. We encourage you to imagine yourself in this space. You, as mystic, walk between the worlds of heaven and earth. You are the saint that ties them both together.

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How to Effectively Handle Drama

How to Handle Drama

Everyone faces conflict and needs to learn how to handle drama. Our spiritual growth as Mystics requires this.

No matter how kind and generous we try to be, we must face the fact that life brings us people, places, and things that perplex us with pain, frustration, and aggravation. None escape these challenges. Today, we offer some techniques to help you handle the drama in your life.

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The Wisdom of Perfectly Imperfect Experiences

Perfectly Imperfect

Lovers of the Light, this is Brother Thomas–your friend and guide from the violet ray. Today I want to speak with you about experiences which are perfectly imperfect.

No one loves or desires peace more than we mystics. It is our nature to shun drama, live peacefully, and encourage others to do the same. We understand the great unity of all things and feel most authentic as we live harmonious lives. Our nature is to eliminate pointless arguments and drama from our lives. Mystics are about the business of love and acceptance.  Yes, all of this is true, but it is also true that this is not the reason you came to this three-dimensional experience. I remind you that you are here because you wanted to make a difference for good despite the anger and injustices of this world.

You chose to walk through a refining fire so that, like precious gold, your soul might become beautiful and bright. You have chosen the path of perfectly imperfect experiences to do so.

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Achieving the Steady State

The Steady State
My dear brothers and sisters of the mystical path, this is Brother Thomas–your friend, guide, and lover of the Spiritus Lumine. I am writing to you today about The Steady State. This is the beautiful condition of life and living that comes the instant one maximizes the blessings of the light–no matter the conditions about them. It is the peace and joy available to all who learn how to experience the unity of all things daily.

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