12 Techniques to Manifest What You Want

12 Techniques to Manifest
What You Want

My dear friends, in our previous posts on manifesting we have told you that co-creation and manifesting is one of the three great gifts given to humankind along with free will and spiritual sovereignty. So many people miss out on the fun and adventure of life because they think the only way they can have what they desire is through money or luck. Mystics learn that we can call upon the Universe and its amazing energies to help us obtain the things we need. The ability to manifest ideas from the invisible planes to the visible should be used wisely and responsibly. The mastery of these gifts allows one to become a candidate for awakening. To misuse the gifts keeps one bonded to the earthly simulation with its endless lessons and trials. In earlier lessons, we explained the principles of manifesting that allow you to do so responsibly. In this lesson, we will teach 12 powerful mystical practices for doing so.

Remember, Co-Creation and Manifesting isn’t room service.

Manifesting isn’t a one-way thing where your angels, spirits, and guides do all the work for you. It requires your full attention and co-participation. Not only do you need to know precisely what you want, but you must be willing to do the spiritual exercises (mystical practices) to bring your desires to life. The process below is rather straight forward and can be used with all of the practices we will show you.

  • Know what you want,
  • Set aside time to do your mystical practices,
  • Take a few moments of time for deep breathing and visualization,
  • Call upon your angels, spirits, and guides for help,
  • Choose one or more of the mystical practices below,
  • Close your session with thanks and gratitude
  • Maintain an attitude of expectancy and gratitude.
  • Be patient and alert for signs that your desires are coming about. Be especially mindful of any requests the universe brings before you requiring some form of participation, decision making, or action on your part,

Again, each of the mystical practices we will show you are simple and powerful. Each of the practices work alone or when combined with others. Remember, manifesting need not be a complicated process requiring complicated rituals. We encourage you to select one or several of the ideas below and stick with them. Great success can be experience from something as simple as “making a list” when used with intention and according to the instructions above.

#1 Wouldn’t It Be Nice…

Wouldn’t it be ice if…?

To know what you want, just finish this sentence. Wouldn’t it be nice if…? It’s that simple. Now write down twenty sentences that answer this question.

Brother Thomas

We stated that you need to know precisely what you want. Sometimes this is more easily said than done. When someone asks us directly what we want, we fumble because we haven’t thought deeply about it–only generally. Sometimes it seems we want everything and at other times we want for nothing. We have found the Wouldn’t it be nice if technique to be one of the quickest ways to discover what we really want.

This simple technique is very effective–especially when combined with some of the other techniques we will discuss such as simple prayer. We have some additional suggestions. Make a PowerPoint slide show of your twenty statements and review them every day or so. Buy a simple journal and devote a page for each of your statements. Be artistic about the page. You will find that writing these statements not only declares your wishes to the universe but also places your desires more firmly in your unconscious.

Yes, it is true that we guides are very good at precisely knowing what you want. We could easily write these sentences for you—but that is why you participate in the Boot Camp Earth Simulation! You must learn the discipline of doing this for yourself. These are your lessons and not ours. Just know this, we stand ready to reward those who apply themselves to the work! (Brother Thomas)

Brother Thomas

Manifesting Tips: Experiences not Money

As you write your statements, remember that, normally, it is not money that you want but the opportunities and experience that money brings. Pay more attention to what you wish to feel and experiences than wishing for money. We also remind you not to tell the Universe how to do its business! Tell the Universe what you want, not how to do it. Have faith in the divine and let it work on your behalf!

#2 Affirmations

Here is some advice from Jack Canfield that we will pass along. Start with the words “I am.” These are the two most powerful words in the English language. Use the present tense. State it in the positive. Affirm what you want, not what you don’t want. Keep it brief. Make it specific. Include an action word ending with ing.” Include at least one dynamic emotion or feeling word. Make affirmations for yourself, not others.

We are most impressed with Jack Canfield’s Simple Manifesting Formula “I am so happy and grateful that I am now … (fill in the blank)”

Brother Thomas
I am so happy and grateful that I am now…

We encourage you to use the Jack Canfield affirmation formula and write twenty sentences. Some examples would be: I am so happy and grateful that I am now driving a Mercedes Benz. Or, I am so happy and grateful that I am now celebrating having achieved my ideal weight of 140 pounds. Again, we would encourage you to make a PowerPoint slide presentation of your twenty Jack Canfield affirmations. Or, write them down in your daily journal. Remember to review them often. But even if you don’t, we’ll promise you that when you review your journal in a few years from now that many, if not most, of what you want will be manifest!

#3 Abraham Hicks Focus Wheel

The Focus Wheel

The first thing you need to do is draw a big circle with a little circle in the middle. Divide the circle into 12 equal parts. The bigger the paper, the easier it will be. Create a positive vibration statement based upon the answer to the question, Wouldn’t it be nice if? Write the gist of your positive statement in the middle of the focus wheel. Start at the top section & write a statement that feels good. The key is to translate a positive feeling into positive statements in each of the 12 sections. Keep going & be patient until all 12 are done.  Reread your positive statements. We find that the focus wheel is fantastic. We also encourage you to read as much of the Abraham Hicks material as possible to become even more proficient at manifesting. There are so many good ideas to consider from this material.

#4 Symbolic and Physical Actions

A metaphor is a word or symbol that stands for something else. Example: a flag could stand for freedom, our nation, etc. Many people understand that manifesting in the physical worlds requires physical action. Now, in addition to taking those significant physical actions, use your creative mind to generate a series of symbolic actions as well. So many do not know the importance of symbolic acts. When we partner with the spiritual worlds, the way we communicate with them is through symbolic actions.

Take a symbolic step

Let’s say that you want to find a life partner. A symbolic action you might take is to clean out a closet in your home for your future partner to use. This sends a powerful signal to the universe of your desire for a partner. Maybe you could buy his and her towel sets, a king-sized bed, or a new dresser to be used by your future partner. Buy perfume or cologne. The point is that you should take some simple and symbolic action that signals the universe of your desire to manifest.

Simple Metaphors

Are you feeling confused? Is your mind cluttered? Clean out a drawer or closet to signal the Universe that you want order in your life. Are you wanting to develop your spirituality? Create a small altar space in your home. Are you wanting positive changes to come your way? Try getting rid of your old clothes and furniture as a sign that you are making room for new things. Are you wanting a new car? Buy a key fob for the kind of car you desire. Remember, there is always some first step that you can take that signals the Universe of your desire. Do those first steps. Go online, join an interest group, or call someone for help and advice.

#5 Napoleon Hill’s Formula from Think and Grow Rich  

  1. Focus your attention on exactly what you want. With money, this means the exact amount of money you intend to bring into your life.
  2. Determine exactly what you are prepared to offer in return for the thing you want.
  3. Establish the exact date when you intend to have the thing you desire in your possession.
  4. Develop a clear plan for manifesting your desire and put this plan into action immediately.
  5. Create a clear statement that includes the exact amount of money or whatever it is you want, the time when you intend to have it, what you are giving in exchange and your action plan for making it happen.
  6. Read this written statement out loud two times each day, as you go to bed in the evening and as you get up in the morning. And most importantly, act as if it is already yours when you read your statement. See it, feel it, and believe that you have already manifested the thing you desire.

#6 The Power of Simple Prayer

Prayers are powerful things–especially written prayers. It is one of the easiest ways to communicate with the Universe. When you pray, be aware that there is a spiritual law stating that all prayers are heard and answered by the God-Continuum. Prayers are serious business and not idle talk.

Prayers are simple yet profound

Even though many of you have been taught how to pray from past religious training, there are no formulas or requirements for prayer. For instance, you are not required to fold your hands, bow your head or close your eyes–though many people do these things. Your way of praying can be unique to you. There are many different forms of prayer and in this lesson, we focus upon prayers in the manifesting process. Even though there are no rules, we offer you a few suggestions for those who find it helpful.

In a secluded time and place, speak aloud as you would to a trusted and respected friend. Speak lovingly and openly about whatever is on your heart. Ask in faith—believing in what you cannot see. Affirm your desire to use what you want for good. Remember to express your thankfulness for all that you have, and be surrendered to the mysterious ways the Divine will use to answer you.

Brother Thomas

A Simple Prayer for manifesting

Oh, Great Creator of all that is, please protect me with thy radiant light and holy angels. I thank you for the precious gifts of Free Will, Spiritual Sovereignty, and Manifesting. I affirm that in you I lack for nothing and I thank you for all that I have–both in this world and the next. In faith, I call upon my angels, spirits, guides, and guardians to help me co-create and manifest ______________ for the good of all concerned. I now dedicate my thoughts, words, and actions towards obtaining ______________. I give my word that I shall seek only good from that which I seek and use what you give me to help myself and others. Thank you for hearing my prayers.

#6 Journals and Yes Books

One of the most time-honored techniques for manifesting is the personal journal. Journals are places where we write our private feelings, hopes, and dreams. It is a place that helps us focus on what is dear to us and what we really want. We encourage all to develop the habit of writing in a journal. We hear again and again how writing down our dreams helps them to become true. This one thing alone could help change your life.

We know of a single person who was looking for a husband. One day as she was journaling, she wrote down all of the things she hoped to find in a man she would someday meet and marry. Life went on and she forgot that she had even written about these things. But, as you know, the Universe hears and answers all prayers–even the forgotten ones! Eventually, she found a man and remarried. Then, one day as she was going through her old journals, she found the page listing of all of the qualities that she hoped to find in this ideal man. To her astonishment, her new husband met each of the requirements she had placed on a page years before! Never forget that any heartfelt things you write and ask for help qualifies as a prayer for the Universe to answer.

#7 Sacred Altar

Sacred altars draw sacred energies

Sacred altars draw sacred energies into your home and become even more of a force for good as you include them in your daily practice of prayer–and or other mystical practices. If you have a sacred altar, we advise that you include a small basket or box to hold your affirmations and requests. Each day as you pass by, hold your hand to your heart or place your fingers to your lips as though you are sending a kiss of love. Say a prayer of gratitude for the daily guidance you receive as well as those things you wish to manifest. This is a universal symbolic signal to the universe of your belief, trust, openness, and readiness to receive. Don’t forget to open the box ocassionally to review your requests and note which have manifested!

#8 Vision Boards

Vision Boards are Powerful

Vision boards link the goals of your Conscious mind with your unconscious mind. It uses symbols to communicate with your unconscious and higher mind—similar to dreams. It is a very powerful technique! The internet is filled with testimonies from famous people like Oprah, Michelle Obama, and Jim Carrey who used this technique to manifest great and amazing things.

Make a list of the things you want from your Wouldn’t it be nice exercise or Jack Canfield affirmations. Then, find pictures that represent those things you want. It is easy to find pictures from the internet or magazines that you can print and place on your vision board. There are any number of internet places that allow you to create online collages and will print them for a few dollars.

It is always good to create a vision board at the beginning of each new year or one of the monthly new moons. This can be a fun activity to do with family and friends. Once you create your board, post it some conspicuous place–such as a closet where you will see it each day as you dress.

#9 Rapid Image Cycling

There is a technique known as Rapid Image Cycling that is the brainchild of William Bengston. The rapid cycling process of audio or video images allows you to register what you wish to manifest below the threshold of your conscious awareness. We would like to offer a modification of his powerful technique that shouldn’t cost you anything to make.

Visual Approach

Take each of the twenty Canfield affirmations we discussed earlier and make PowerPoint slides that not only has the affirmation on it, but also a powerful image that serves to remind you of the thing you want to manifest. Next, use the PowerPoint feature allowing you to save your presentation as a movie. Before you save the presentation, set each slide to be seen for less than a second. Personally, we like four-tenths of a second because it allows the image to be recognized yet quickly cycled. After you have saved the presentation as a movie, set your favorite video player to continuously loop your movie. We especially recommend that you place this video on your smartphone and review it In your meditation time. Allow the continuous video loop to play for several minutes. Again, this rapid cycling process bypasses your conscious awareness while allowing you to register what you wish to manifest upon the consciousness below the threshold of awareness. Caution: in some people, image flashing may induce seizures. Experiment with the length of time that feels best and causes no harm.

Audio Approach

Similar to the approach above, make an audio recording of the things you wish to manifest. You may either record the Canfield affirmations or reduce them to one word. This is easy to do on your smartphone. There are many free voice recording applications available. Once you have recorded the audio, use an audio player that can continuously loop your recording at fast speeds. The faster the better. This can be a particularly powerful technique to use in your meditation time at night wearing headphones and keeping your eyes closed.

# 10 Sigils

Another mystical practice that uses a form of symbolic manifesting is the sigil. This is an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power. Think of the sigil as a metapysical logo! We like the symbology and mysterious look of sigils as well as having something in plain sight that only we truly understand.

Sigil Example

Sigils are fun to make and have the added benefit of using your focus and creative abilities. Essentially, you create a symbol and imbue it with power. Here is an easy way we’ve learned to create a sigil.

  • First, determine what it is that you want. We also like taking our affirmations and creating sigils from them. For this example, I will borrow one of the affirmations I wrote using the Jack Canfield approach. I am grateful and happy that Spiritus Lumine now reaches thousands of people each week through social media.
  • Next, reduce your affirmation to a simple statement. Spiritus Lumine reaches thousands over social media.
  • Continue to shorten your statement by removing all of the vowels. SL rchs 1000s ovr scl md.
  • Now the fun begins. Using your creativity to create a symbolic image from these letters that captures what you want. Play around until you create something you like. You can see what my new sigil looks like. If you rotate the figure you’ll be able to see some of the letters that are less obvious.
  • Finally, place the symbol on a small card or piece of paper and place it where you will see it often. Some of these places might include, under the glass on your desk, next to a computer monitor, the bathroom mirror, a card in your wallet, and so on.

#12 Write or Speak a Blessing

The mystical practice of writing or speaking truth over someone or something is an ancient way of manifesting. If you will stop and think about it, it is similar to ceremonies of anointing, knighting, toasting the new bride and groom, and the laying on of hands. For example, the Bible speaks of Abraham’s Blessing, the anointing of the Hebrew kings, and the laying on of hands. Even today, some countries practice knighting ceremonies. Here in the United States, our presidential inauguration ceremony involves a “swearing-in” of the new president. All of these are examples of the act of blessing. The purpose of blessing is to manifest something we desire such as a wise and beneficent leader, healing, or to “call” some future action that we wish to see.

Blessings are a versatile method of manifesting. Once you get the hang of it, they are easy to write or speak. Use blessings to benefit of both yourself and others. The easiest way to pronounce a blessing is to role-play and review some situation in your mind that where you would like to manifest some outcome.

Brother Thomas

Example of Pronouncing a Blessing

Let’s say that I am going for a job interview and that I am very interested in obtaining the position. I want to have a successful job interview and manifest a job as a result. Here is a sample way that I would role-play the event in my spiritual imagination and pronounce a blessing. For the sake of illustration, I will speak using first-person pronouns as though I am the one wanting the job. My particular style of using this mystical practice is to use the phrase May I …

My dear angels, spirits, guides, and guardians, I call upon your help and wisdom as I pronounce this blessing for my upcoming job interview. Unless there are reasons which might harm my well-being in any way, I call upon your help in manifesting this job.

  • May I confidently walk into the building knowing that I look impressive and distinguished.
  • May I approach the assistant and discover that she is instantly attuned to my needs and asks if there is anything she might do for me such as serving coffee, water, or tea.
  • May I greet all people who approach me with a warm, sincere, and firm handshake.
  • As I go into the interview room, may all of the interviewing team stand to greet and meet me as though I am the person they have been waiting for.
  • May all members of the interviewing team be fully aware of my resume and qualifications and show great interest in learning more about me.
  • May I have the complete and undivided attention of each person in the room.
  • May each person react positively to all that I say and clearly see the benefit in hiring me for the job.
  • May I appear, warm, friendly, humorous, competent, brilliant, confident, and assured–but not cocky or arrogant.
  • May I have full and instant recall of all facts and knowledge.
  • May my competence, skills, and abilities be fully apparent to all.
  • As I speak, may I see nods of affirmation and smiles–as though all know I am the person for this job.
  • May my soft-skills be apparent as well–making me an even more desirable candidate.
  • When the questions are concluded, may I make a wise and competent closing statement.
  • As I leave the boardroom, may I be asked: “to wait outside for just a moment.”
  • May I be quickly called back into the room and hear words to this effect, normally the hiring process takes a few weeks, but in my case–they want to offer me the job here and now.
  • May I learn of new and important responsibilities that are mine because of my abilities,
  • May my new salary be fabulous, and my benefits generous.
  • May I start my new job without delay.

Hopefully, this illustration gives you an idea of how to begin using the mystical practice of blessing. I have found this an effective tool to use for others in their time of need. For instance, sometimes I send blessing cards to people who are sick. Facebook affords opportunities each day to write a short blessing for someone.

One time, I wrote a blessing for a consultant friend of mine who was making an important presentation. He did not have time to read my card before his call. After his successful meeting was concluded, he went home and opened the blessing I had written. He was astonished to see that each thing I had written had occurred in his meeting. It was like I had created a script that all followed. Needless to say, I received an excited phone call from him telling me all about his successful meeting. This man is a firm believer in the power of blessings!

Persistence and Gratitude

We want to conclude this lesson by stating that successful manifesting requires two additional elements–persistence and gratitude. It is important to pay attention to the manifesting process and note when your desires are in the process of coming to reality.

Sometimes, the Universe will call upon you to take some action. For instance, if you have called upon the universe and requested a new job, you may well have to send letters and resumes to potential companies as job opportunities come your way. Always be watching and waiting. Be Steadfast and be willing to modify.

Keep the main thing the main thing. Whether or not you manifest something exactly as you imagined, you are a fortunate and blessed person. Remember your truest riches are usually the things you and others cannot see–such as the love of family, friends, and your angels, spirits, and guides. Never lose sight of the many wonderful people, places, and things you have in your life.

Brother Thomas

Keep your vibration positive and understand that some things may not manifest because they would violate your contract or harm you more than help you. Trust that the Universe has your back–even if things don’t manifest exactly as you wish. Do your best to maintain a lighthearted and humorous attitude in all things. Don’t define yourself by what you have or your success at “power” manifesting!

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